How Headspace designed a product to bring meditation to the mainstream

According to Google’s Year in Search, interest in the terms “well-being” and “meditation” surged in 2020. In a truly surreal year of external hardships, it’s not surprising that we sought peace within ourselves.

From Google Trends’ Year in Search

Locked up inside our apartments, we were forced to turn further inwards for comfort and found it the only way we knew how: by turning to our smartphones. As technology begins blurring the lines between where the physical worlds ends and the digital world begins, even inner-peace can be digitised.

Because of the importance we now place on our well-being, a burgeoning app industry has emerged, hoping…

Trying to make sense of the Coronavirus’ impact on India

How is a developing country with over a billion people supposed to deal with a global health crisis?

It’s been two weeks since PM Modi requested Indian citizens (all 1.3 billion of us) show “resolve” and “restraint” by staying indoors for the foreseeable future in order to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Alongside this request, he also put forth a mandatory “janta curfew” on Sunday 22nd March: no one was to step outside their house between 7am-9pm and, at 5pm, the whole country was to come together and clap for 5 minutes in honour of the civil servants working…

As the writers ask some important questions about how the show perceives itself and its main character

*Spoilers ahead for BoJack Horseman Season 5

The penultimate episode of BoJack Horseman’s fifth season is one of my favorites (if not my outright favorite) of the entire series. As BoJack and the other characters become deeply involved in the filming of Philbert, a parody of the hard-boiled detective dramas like True Detective, we witness BoJack’s surreal descent into the madness of his own addiction and paranoia.

The episode is a masterclass in experimental filmmaking and the blurring of fiction and reality. And as the walls begin to collapse inwards on BoJack, we see the show asking questions not only…

Exploring how True Detective and Sacred Games expertly leverage their settings to illuminate the stories being told

In March of this year, I moved to Mumbai for a new job. The city is overwhelming. It sounds like it’s moving at a hundred miles an hour, but really there’s too much traffic for this to ever be possible. And there are people — lots and lots of people — everywhere. At every intersection, in every alleyway. Walking in a park, or eating on the roadside, or sitting on a motorbike at the side of the highway after work, or playing cricket or gossiping, or entering a temple, or exiting a mosque. …

Trying (and failing) to make sense of satire in the digital media and fake news era.

What is Satire?

One of the hardest — and most interesting — courses I took in college was called “That’s Seriously Funny,” a class that explored the important function satire plays in political discourse. People often have a general idea what satire means; they may even be able to point out what satire looks like when they see it, but when pushed, struggle hard to define it. Even after a 10-week college course on it, I still have difficulty in understanding what it really is myself.

A few months ago, I heard Malcolm Gladwell’s Podcast “Revisionist History.” In S1/E10, entitled “The Satire Paradox,”…

Understanding why his verse on A$AP Rocky’s “Purity” is so good.

Like those New Years’ Resolutioners who promise themselves that, yes, this is definitely the year they’ll work out consistently, I’m starting off strong by writing again pretty soon after my first post. I assume the natural high will eventually peter out, my Medium subscription cast to the wayside like many an annual gym membership.

However, sometimes you hear/see/do something that makes you feel absolutely inspired, and that’s exactly how I felt when A$AP Rocky & Frank Ocean’s new song “Purity,” on Rocky’s new album TESTING.

Ishan Rampuria

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